Proudly established & formulated in Australia’s tropical Whitsunday Islands, My Gold fills the gap for sun-lovers across the globe.

You’ve been looking for a way to achieve a deep, natural tan, in the shortest amount of time, while still maintaining smooth, glowing skin - that’s where we step in.


My Gold prepares every skin type for every stage of tanning:

From pre-tan moisturisation – a vital, yet often overlooked step,

To maximum melanin production during tanning - for quick results,

To post-tan skin repair with antioxidants & anti-inflammatories,

..this oil is literally gold!


As devoted sun-lovers, living in a year-round tropical location, we had tried our fair share of tanning oils. We noticed a trend amongst them all, being either loaded with nasty ingredients that clogged our skin & caused rashes, or just filled with everyday kitchen ingredients. We knew we had to step in and step up, not just for our own benefit but for all the sun-kissed babes across the world!

We started researching with the drive of making a difference. We’ve dedicated our time & resources into sourcing the highest-quality, organic ingredients, and testing every ingredient on our own skin, so that you can rest assured knowing that you’re oiling up with the best!

We've now expanded My Gold to the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, to offer you faster delivery and a place to meet & greet us as we frequent the local markets and shop fronts!