Watermelon Seed Oil

Everything about this ingredient is made for tanning! Not only is it light, smooth and non-greasy on the skin, but it also possesses melanin-boosting properties in the form of Copper. Copper ions are required to activate the naturally occurring enzyme, Tyrosinase to produce melanin in the skin cells – No Copper = No Tan! This miracle mineral has also been linked to maintaining & repairing the skin’s connective tissues (collagen & elastin), as well as wound healing!

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Our stand out ingredient, aka liquid gold! This oil is extremely high in palmitic and palmitoleic fatty acids, which work together as both a skin protectant and building block in the skin to prevent burns, scratches & wounds. This ingredient is PERFECT to minimise the unavoidable skin damage caused by tanning. Less red = more brown!

Carrot Infused Sunflower Oil

This highly moisturising, light & non-greasy ingredient is enriched with antioxidants Vitamin E, to keep your skin young and soft, and Carotenoids to induce a beautiful bronze glow while reducing the skin damage caused by UV rays.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The most important part of any tan is ensuring your skin is well moisturised. This is where coconut oil steps in – it not only deeply penetrates the skin but it also forms a water-tight layer on top of the skin to lock in moisture - it is a must in any natural-tanning regime.

Organic Fragrance Oil

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most tropical, fresh scents to our formulas. Made 100% organically, My Gold will have you dreaming of our tropical paradise from sunrise to sunset.